Our Privacy Standard

Why we never ask for Google Star Ratings or Customer Testimonials Why we never ask for Google Star Ratings or Customer Testimonials

We're borderline fanatical about your privacy

This relates to our website visitors, clients and supporters, advertising and all our communications with you.


'No one shall be subjected to arbitrary interference with their privacy, family, home or correspondence, nor attacks upon their honour and reputation'. Universal Declaration of Human Rights

5 Star Privacy RatesWhy we don't promote Google Star Ratings?

You may see we don't have Google Star Ratings on our website — that's deliberate and this is why:
  1. We respect our clients work with us is private.
  2. We never ask for or publish reviews or testimonials.
  3. We never ask our clients to disclose to the world their private work with us.
  4. We don’t track website visitors for re-marketing purposes on social media.

Different ways you can work with us

When working with us, most people choose email or phone as their preference, but you get to decide the way that's best for you.
  • We can complete all our work online (and with the very occasional snail-mail for an ink-on-paper-signature).
  • You can complete documents with us over the phone, over email or video chat.
  • Alternatively, we can also send you a secure web-link to complete them personally online at a time that's more convenient to you; your choice

We're completely flexible and committed to ensuring equal access to the best specialty financial advice is accessible to all our clients, friends and supporters.

Is our website safe to browse?

When browsing through our site you'll see the closed lock beside the URL.
  • This indicates all communication between your browser and our site (including email) is encrypted and safe using online HTTPS banking grade security.
  • We have also pre-emptively blocked Google's new FLoC Technology tracing too.

We believe that nobody needs to know your private search history.

Does our Privacy Standard make it hard for us to reach the right people for our services?

  • Yes! That's the challenge of providing a confidential service.

(And we'd love your help with that so feel free to tell someone we're here and what we do).

You can read more about our Privacy Policy here.

Where to now?

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