Jennifer and Amber - Diabetes and HIV

Meet Jennifer and Amber - partners for life.

Jennifer has spent the last 8 years climbing the corporate ladder in a busy city law firm and made senior associate last Christmas.

Her obsessive attention to detail means she's particularly good at what she does but the possibility of having to work through the fine print details of a life insurance policy is not something she's looking forward to.

Jennifer enjoys learning about products and services in her own time, doing her own comparisons and research, and then preparing her list of hard-hitting questions, before talking to anyone about them.

Jennifer lives with her partner Amber in a city suburb far enough away from the office, to enable her to switch off from her busy schedule - but close enough to public transport so she doesn't have to waste time driving in frustrating peak hour traffic.

Thankfully, Amber works as a fine wine consultant so that part of work they don't mind bringing home and enjoying together with friends.

When Diabetes meds meets HIV meds

Amber recently developed diabetes which initially caused some complications with her HIV medication. Both conditions are well managed - Ambers HIV viral load is undetectable and her diabetes HbA1c reading is around 7.

Both these complex health conditions are kept in check with a regular spin class at the gym and her interest in backyard permaculture and home grown veggies.

Family decisions and busy lives

Jennifer has worked hard to get where she is and sometimes a busy schedule has meant that family decisions got inadvertently postponed.

When you're looking forward to your future together, protect it

Amber’s changing health triggered a discussion about how to best safeguard their future, just in case, so Jennifer began to look again at life insurance options for both of them. She's particularly concerned that Amber always feel included and equal in their plans together but isn’t sure where to find a life insurance specialist that understands complex personal health issues and confidentiality.

Thankyou Google and

Jennifer found the specialist life insurance advisers for people with HIV or diabetes.  After reading through their extensive frequently asked questions list, they began an email conversation with them to learn more.

Getting immediate helpful feedback

The online pre-assessment was really helpful and provided immediate feedback about their individual health situations.

They both soon got their life insurance finally sorted.

Time to brag (just a little)

When they shared their good news with their close friends over a fine wine, they both remarked, ‘You don’t realise what a weight it is off your shoulders until is sorted.’

Jennifer’s and Amber’s future together looks even brighter and certainly more secure.

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