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Speaker: Drew Browne, Specialist Financial Adviser @unusualrisks

Transcript:   Hello. My name is Drew Browne from UnusualRisks.com.au and I'd like to explain to you our insurance application process that we use when working with a client, just like you.

We work with people Australia wide by email, over the phone screen to screen and even old school face-to-face in person.

We follow a careful seven step information collection process so that we don't miss anything important to you and, so that you can always see the roadmap ahead, what to expect, and when. Now getting your personal insurances sorted is an important financial step, so you need to know what your options are and how to work with a specialist risk advisor who has a clear process to follow, that removes any uncomfortable surprises.

Most people are referred to us through their friends or their trusted service providers, or they find us online at unusualrisks.com.au

Now our website contains helpful animated explainer videos, over a hundred frequently asked questions and our anonymous pre-assessment questionnaires. Now while this is a great first step, we also recognise that some people just want to have a confidential chat with an expert, jump the queue and give us a call directly. Whatever works best for you, works for us.

So here's our insurance advice process that you'll see at work when we work with you.

It all starts with a discussion where we make sure that your circumstances are the ones that we can work with, with a high degree of expected success. Now, this is because the insurance underwriting standards change so frequently and everybody's personal situation is very different, too. It all starts with a confidential discussion.

Collecting information.
Now that can involve us collecting your medical reports, getting clear on the names of any medications you're taking, understanding the type of work that you might be doing and knowing your financial commitments. Like whether you have a dependent, whether you have a child or a partner, or maybe even an elderly parent, or perhaps a special needs sibling who relies upon you for support.

At the end of the day, we collect specific information about you and your circumstances to make sure that we don't miss anything that's really important.
And so that you get clarity of what's possible, and most important to you.

Agree on the facts of Advice.
Ultimately together, we need to agree on the facts about what you want, what you may need, and we'll put that in writing so that everyone is clear. Once we are in agreement about what your risk protection strategies should be, we'll commit our advice and our recommendations to writing.

Agreement to Implement Advice.
Then when you're ready to proceed, we'll ask for your original authority for us to implement that advice for you.

Completing Application Forms.
Now when you're ready to proceed, there's always paperwork to complete. An application form, the occasional extra questionnaire about a health issue or sporting pastime, but don't worry together we'll complete the application form as needed.

  • Now these can be done privately with us over the phone.
  • They can be completed over the phone with an Underwriter, employed by insurance company.
  • Or we can even send you a secure link to an electronic application form where you can complete your details in private at a time that's really convenient just to you.

Let us know whatever your choice is when you're ready, and we'll help you complete the application forms.

Waiting for Medical Underwriting.
So what happens then we'll collect any needed medical reports. We'll organise any required blood tests for cholesterol levels and together we'll then wait for the medical underwriting process to complete. Finally, when the insurance company has all the information they need to make their assessment, they’ll let us know, we'll check their processes and then they'll make a formal offer of insurance cover for you to review, and when you're ready to accept.

Accept formal offer of Cover.
Getting your personal insurances sorted, is an important financial step.
Life insurance is a complex area with no second chance to fix a mistake.

So that's why you should only work with an insurance specialist from unusualrisks.com.au

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