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Having an accident at work is something we all want to avoid. Nobody plans to have a workplace accident, but the difficult truth is even when we minimize the risks, some workplaces are just plain dangerous and unpredictable.

  • Each year medical professionals working in hospitals, clinics or at accident scenes are routinely exposed to dangerous life-changing risks.
  • These intense and often high-pressure environments can change in the blink of an eye. The risk of accidental exposure to Hepatitis B or Hepatitis C or even the HIV virus, through a needle stick or sharps injury, is a constant danger.
  • Each year in Australia, over 18,000 needle stick or sharps injuries are recorded, with one in every nine nurses reporting they've suffered a needle stick or sharps injury within the last 12 months.

Sadly an additional fifty percent of these injuries go unreported. For medical professionals, this type of workplace accident can mean a lifelong illness, losing a career and even being banned from working in their chosen medical field.

Through no fault of your own, a needlestick injury can have devastating psychological and professional consequences. The resulting financial impact on you and your family can quickly turn a once comfortable financial lifestyle, into a desperate one.

Meet Naomi - she's an experienced A&E nurse working on the surgical ward.

She's super organized, a straight talker, a bit of a clean freak and a busy go-to-soccer-mom who gets stuff done. She loves working busy weekend shifts because time flies. The penalty rates help pay for her mortgage and the private school fees, and help support her not-so-secret love affair with designer shoes.

One evening while changing a cannula needle, her patient had an unexpected seizure and grabbed Naomi's arm. While trying to reassure the patient the needle slipped and punctured Naomi's gloves and her skin. Through no fault of her own, while working her normal job, Naomi suffered a workplace needlestick injury. Her worst fears became an accidental reality.

Naomi followed the safety procedures, was prescribed emergency medication and she informed her professional organization about her accident. So began the long wait to see if she'd been exposed to a blood-borne virus. It took three months before the first set of results were available and during that time many difficult thoughts went through her mind. But financial security for her and her family was not one of them.

You see, Naomi recognised early on in her career the dangers posed by contaminated needle stick and sharps injuries. A good friend recommended she learn more about her options and visit the website UnusualRisks.com.au the Australian blood-borne disease insurance specialists. They helped Naomi make a sensible decision to take out an insurance policy to protect herself and her future family, in case she ever suffered a contaminated needlestick injury.

She knew it couldn't remove the risk of an accident, but it could provide significant compensation, financial security and ultimately peace of mind for her and her family, if something bad happened.

Blood-borne virus insurance can pay a lump sum up to 1 million dollars to medical professionals such as Dentists, Doctors and Nurses and related high risk professionals such as Police, Paramedics or Ambulance Personnel if they contract HIV or hepatitis B or C due to an accident while working in their usual job. Should something happen, you and your family are taken care of financially, so you can focus on recovery at a time when finances are the last thing that people are wanting to worry about.

Now Naomi tells all her work friends about the difference that peace of mind brings and to jump online and visit UnusualRisks.com.au and ask them about whether they'd qualify for blood-borne virus insurance too.

UnusualRisks.com.au the blood-borne disease insurance specialists for the people, we can't live without.

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