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Meet Ricki and Davesh - New Dads-to-Be through Surrogacy and IVF

Ricki and Devesh are a same-sex couple who first met at University and later married after the Australian Marriage Equality plebiscite in December 2013. Ricki is a Florist and Devesh is an Account Manager for a pharmaceutical company.

For years they wondered if it was ever going to be possible for them to start a family together?

They learned all about the Australian foster care system and adoption and even looked at expensive overseas options too.  After months of sleepless nights, endless conversations, and an exhausting search for what felt like the best thing for them, together they settled on the idea of altruistic surrogacy in Australia.

Wanting a biological child of their own

Ultimately both Ricki and Devesh decided they wanted to have a child who was biologically their own.

  • Ricki and Devesh’s mutual friend Lillian had a girlfriend Jane, who already had two of her own children, still loved the idea of being pregnant but not the reality of adding a third child to her family.
  • Together, Ricki and Devesh came to an agreement with Jane for her to become their surrogate and use IVF to begin their own biologically related family, together.

The next few months seemed to be a blur of appointments with Fertility Counselors, IVF treatments and cycles, genetic tests, couples counseling, and what seemed like a mountain of legal paperwork.

Working with the right Financial Adviser

IVF and Intended parents life insurance timeline chartWhen it came to Ricki & Devesh getting Life Insurances in place to protect themselves as they were soon to be Intended Parents and their Surrogate, their Fertility Counsellor recommended a confidential chat with unsuaulrisks.com.au who specialise in complex insurance situations.

Deciding upon who the biological father would be?

For Ricki and Devesh, deciding which of them would be the biological father was fairly simple. Of the two, Rickie is far more attached to the notion of his child being biologically related to him, while Devesh is just simply excited by the prospect of becoming a ‘Dad’, especially if the baby has a biological connection to his husband.

How do you say thank you for an unrepayable gift?

Now Ricki regularly sends Jane (what is often described as ‘an entire florist shop in a delivery van’) thank you flowers.  They're all excitedly looking forward to the arrival of their new child - made possible through IVF and the incredible love and generosity of a new family friend who agreed to become their Surrogate.

Learn more about the IVF & Insurance Timeline to arrange Life Insurances for Intended Parents and their Surrogate. Download our free resource, When to Arrange Intended Parent and Surrogate Life Insurances, chart.

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Caring for caring professionals. 

Blood Borne Disease Insurance compensates you if you contract HIV, hepatitis B or hepatitis C due to a sharps injury while working in your regular occupation

Hospitals, surgeries, clinics and accident sites are often high-pressure, fast-paced environments where sharps injuries to medical professionals occur all too frequently.

  • A needlestick or sharps injury can also have a devastating impact on your long-term income earning capacity

White-collar professionals are often highly paid and highly leveraged, so they need a comprehensive insurance strategy to safeguard what they have worked hard to achieve.

Accidents do happen

Watch Donald's real-life story below of how a trauma nurse experienced an accidental needle stick injury.

Do you have your own bloodborne disease insurance in place?

Often the main reasons medical professionals don't have the appropriate insurance in place is due to its complexity. It also takes time and expertise to understand how a bloodborne disease (BBD) can have a devastating effect on both your health and your ability to continue to earn an income.

  • Remember that each professional association and governing body may have additional reporting and special requirements that have to be followed after suffering a sharps injury (or blood spatter event) that can have wide-ranging effects on your career.

We understand the needs of medical professionals and can help you protect yourself, your family and even your business partners from the financial consequences of work-related injury.

MediPros by unusualrisks.com.au

The Unusual Risks Insured solution for busy and remote professionals

unUsual Risks Insured have flexible face to face, phone to phone or online only solutions to meet these challenges and to provide absolute confidentiality when needed too.

  • This also means we can work easily with remote clients in different timezones.

Australian nurses and healthcare workers suffer an estimated 18,000 needlestick injuries a year*

*Cathryn L. Murphy, RN, PhD, CICP, CIC Improved surveillance and mandated use of sharp with engineering sharp injury protection: A national call to action. Healthcare Infection 2008.

Blood borne disease insurance cover can provide lump-sum cover between $50,000 and $1 million for medical professionals (dentists, doctors, nurses and paramedics) and for people working in some other at-risk occupations (such as police and pathologists) if they contract HIV, hepatitis B or hepatitis C due to an accident while working in their usual occupation.

This type of cover can be put in place alongside a typical life insurance policy and covers Bone Dust and Blood Splatter events.

Read our case study about Needle Stick Injures Naomi, nursing, needlestick and sharps injuries.

Real Life Statistics

  • In Australia, approximately 30 needlestick injuries per 100 beds occur per year.
  • At least 18,000 healthcare professionals suffer from an NSI every year.
  • And 80% of reported NSIs involve a contaminated needle. The Alliance for Sharps Safety and Needlestick Prevention in Healthcare

Managing the emotional risks

Occupationally contracting HIV or hepatitis B or C can cause emotional significant distress and career consequences that, in turn, can create financial anxieties for you and for those who depend on you.

  • Such stresses may have a real impact on your ability to keep working in order to provide for your family and/or run your business.

Confidentiality concerns may further complicate the issue while professional body memberships and requirements may trigger consequences not previously envisaged.

Managing the financial risks

For medical professionals, a work-related injury could mean a long illness and or particular restrictions on the types of duties you can continue to perform at work. Some specialists can even be prevented from working in their chosen field.

  • All of these events can have devastating effects on your personal financial situation that could rapidly turn a comfortable financial position into a desperate one.

We have a powerful supportive option to this problem

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Life Insurance is a complex area with no second chance to fix a mistake

Once you have a Life Insurance policy in force, it can't be taken away from you. But of course, there's the problem of getting one in the first place...

Life Insurance is an 'underwritten financial product'. This means that levels of risk are often measured by insurance underwriters in 'likelihoods' and '% of chance'. Until recently, for HIV research, insurance underwriters had limited data to make predictions from so they simply refused to offer Life Insurance in circumstances where people were diagnosed with HIV.

Why you need a specialist adviser from Unusualrisks.com.au

When you have a pre-existing medical condition, getting high-quality Life Insurance requires the expertise of a specialty Risk Insurance Adviser because of 4 key reasons;

  • The different medical underwriting requirements are complex
  • The assessment criteria change constantly 
  • Not all insurance providers are able to work with pre-existing medical conditions (but they don't tell you that up front so the resulting formal 'application declined' goes on your permanent record)
  • We specialise in navigating through this complex area

4 Incredibly important things you need to know about life insurance

Here are 4 significant differences that are often overlooked when setting up specialty life insurance. 

  • Once a Life Insurance policy is in force, it's considered to be 'non-cancellable' by the insurance provider (as long as you continue to pay the premiums)
  • It's automatically renewed each year without any further assessment, for the life of the product (regardless of any changes in your health, occupation or personal situation)
  • You may have the option to select level premiums for the life of the product. This can mean savings of thousands of dollars over the life of the product. The earlier this is done, the greater the savings that can be achieved.
  • You may be able to pay the premiums from your superannuation fund balance. When done in combination with level premiums, this can be a very cost-effective strategy for most people.

When taking time means good value to you

These are also 4 reasons why Life Insurance companies spend a lot of time in the initial assessment of the policy — because once you have a policy, it can't be taken away from you. So, now you can see the value in having a non-cancellable Life Insurance policy that's right for you.

The typical scenario

Sadly, we come across situations where people have already applied for life insurance only to be refused based upon their lifestyle and their medical conditions.

  • Every time they apply for insurance again, (any type of insurance covered by the Duty of Disclosure laws) they are legally required to disclose all past insurance refusals otherwise an insurance company can refuse a claim based upon non-disclosure.
  • If they apply for insurance again, they are then legally required to disclose past insurance refusals. This often becomes a real cycle of pain.

Our anonymous pre-assessment process prevents this damage from happening.

Why the standard life insurance application form works against you when you have specialty needs

If you're health-conscious, eat and exercise well, maintain your weight and have an active lifestyle, this is important information that should also be taken into consideration by a life insurance underwriter. But with a standard application form, none of this is taken into account, so the result is almost always an automatic 'no'.

The disturbing reality is that the safety of your data is not safe when you don't use a specialist like Unusual Risks

One of the common practices for general advisers and employed advisers is to simply 'send your health information around to different insurance companies' in the hope that one of them might be interested and provide feedback on whether they can help. The ugly inside truth is that many of the risk insurers admit that they don't both to provide helpful feedback because of vested interests and concerns over commercial intelligence.

  • Unless you're a specialist adviser, you don't have the time to research and stay on top of the changes that occur on a monthly basis.

So now you can see why you need the specialist team at unusualrisks.com.au to get you the result safely, efficiently and confidentially.

Everything we do is all about giving you the best chance of success without the risk

At Unusual Risks, we understand the underwriting processes and the medical requirements that insurers need to work with. We can present you in the most favourable light so that your chances of success are the highest.

  • We use technology to help us anonymously pre-assess your medical position so that potential difficulties can be dealt with — without the need to identify you and create a permanent record that might influence a future application.

In reality, someone living with HIV or diabetes is still more likely to be turned down for life insurance by mainstream insurers than someone who doesn't have these conditions. If you are offered cover, you'll pay about the same premium as other people with pre-existing conditions such as cancer, certain kinds of heart conditions, or smokers.

Our anonymous pre-assessment process gives you the absolute best chance of success.

How we do it?

  1. We start with providing up-to-date, high-quality relevant information about what's now possible for people living with diabetes or HIV.
  2. Then we provide an anonymous online pre-assessment service so that people can quickly find out if their medical condition is one we can work with.
  3. Finally, we check medical information with you to confirm if you were to make a formal application for life insurances, you'd have a very significant chance of success.

10 Good reasons to choose Unusual Risks as your specialty risk adviser

  • You control the conversation
  • Easy online pre-Assessment
  • The ability to be pre-Assessed anonymously
  • The ability to complete personal and private questionnaires securely online
  • Our expertise and deep understanding of HIV and diabetes issues
  • Our skill at matching the right clients' health profile to the right insurance providers
  • Our ability to talk about anything without judgment or embarrassment
  • Our No-surprises No-BS Guarantee
  • All our practices, procedures and interactions with our clients are Trauma Informed
  • Your choice of communication method: Video-to-Video, phone-to-phone or face-to-face (or just old-school email).

Tell us how we can best work with you, and we'll make that happen.

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    Age is no indicator of relationship status or financial responsibility.

    • You can be young and starting out or older and established; and both enjoying living the single life.
    • You might be single, single again, sometimes single, single with kids, single with pets or perhaps something a little more complicated.

    When it comes to being single in the LGBTQI+ community, there's really no such thing as average.

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    When it comes to parenting in the LGBTQI+ community, there's really no such thing as average.

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