Using PrEP to manage good health

PrEP can be a useful tool to help people manage their good health. will help you manage your privacy PrEP can be a useful tool to help people manage their good health. will help you manage your privacy

Are you using PrEP to better manage your good health?

Good news!
If you're using PrEP to help manage your health and wondering if you can still get high-quality life insurance cover, the simple answer is now Yes!

  • The good news is, Australians taking PrEP are now eligible for the full range of Life Insurance products stigma-free.
  • The bad news is, not all insurance companies have the same attitude about why it's used, so you'll need expert help to find the ones that suit you best.

Lucky for you you've already found the Australian experts at who understand what's required to help people who use PrEP to manage their health, get their personal insurances sorted.

We understand PrEP helps to prevent HIV

An increasing number of Australians are using PrEP to better manage their good health but still have uncertainty about how this can affect an application for a life insurance product.

  • We've been working with people Australia wide to manage their privacy around their decisions to use PrEP and specialise in understanding complex health management systems. 
  • This means you don't have to continually be the educator for an insurance underwriter or financial adviser about what they know nothing about.
You shouldn't be disadvantaged for being responsible.Drew Browne Founder UnusualRisks Insured

Here are the questions we'd be asking when you use our services to help get your insurances sorted.

Questions we'll ask when you're making an application for cover

When getting ready for an application for a life insurance product, you'll need to know the following;

  • When did you first begin taking PrEP?
  • How often do you test for STIs?
  • Do you have any other medical conditions that might prevent you from taking PrEP long term?
  • When was your last followup with your GP?

And if you'd like to fast track the application process, if you have results of your recent blood test on hand, that might enable us to speed up the assessment process for you too.

Why should people using PrEP only use the experts at Unusual Risks Insured to get their life insurances sorted?

We're glad you asked.

  • Australian life insurance companies traditionally have not developed and marketed their products with the LGBTI community in mind. This means, whether by design or default, you'll see insurance companies tend not to give the issues of LGBTI people and their families the equal consideration and respect they deserve.
  • When it comes to the broader understanding of ‘why responsible people use PrEP to better manage their sexual health’, such concepts don't fit the conservative (some would say blinkered) world of old school insurance underwriting.
  • Too many times we have seen personal biases and discriminations - religious or otherwise -  inappropriately affect the assessment of life insurance applications.

So if you're tired of continually having to be the medical educator to other people, we understand your frustration and would love to help you out with that.

  • That's why we say it's critically important to only work with an insurance adviser from who understands our issues and more importantly, understands in advance how an insurance company we might recommend, will respond to those issues.
  • You need a financial adviser who will be your powerful advocate in dealing with an insurance company, and not someone whose own bias may undermine your efforts (and perhaps even compromise) your future ability to obtain coverage.
  • In short, when it comes to getting your personal insurances sorted, you need a financial adviser with whom you can be completely forthright and upfront - free of any stigma and discrimination.

And after you've found that person, it's also imperative that you are in fact forthright and upfront about your circumstances.

Lucky you have found

We’ll help you navigate the life insurance environment safely and keep your dignity intact.

Read more about Life Insurance for People using PrEP.

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