Modern Family Insurance

Partners, friends & family are welcomed and included in our services - so no one misses out Partners, friends & family are welcomed and included in our services - so no one misses out

We understand that today's modern families can be biological or logical.

They can include:

  same-sex couples

  same-sex parents


  one-parent families

  extended families

  blended families

  gender neutral families

  families with carers

  people living apart together (LAT), and even

  traditional parents with kids

For someone living with pre-existing medical conditions like HIV or diabetes, a family can even extend to a network of close friends.

However you identify and whoever is family to you, we believe no one should miss out.

No one should miss out

While our anonymous online pre-assessment is designed for people with well-managed HIV or diabetes, we understand that you might be here at our website because of different reasons too.

If you're HIV negative or non-diabetic

  • you're HIV negative and have a partner, friend or relative who is HIV positive
  • you're non-diabetic and have a partner, friend or relative who is a diabetic,

whoever you are, we'd love to work with you too.

How can we help you?

We find that generally, people want to be responsible.

When given the opportunity and the tools they rise to any challenge and actively look for ways to help protect and provide for their loved ones.

Advice and help for Everyone

We can provide helpful advice and strategies about ways to protect and provide for your Modern Family - whoever that is to you - covering:

  Life & Terminal Illness protection

  Income Protection protection

  Medical Crisis Recovery protection

  Total & Permanent Disability (TPD) protection

Advice and help for Business People

Business owners and their families often have additional needs not usually catered for in their person insurances strategies.

We can help you fix that with helpful advice about:

  Specialty Business Key Person and Debt protection

  Specialty Business Fixed Expenses protection

  Specialty Business Owners and Professional Partnerships protection

  Specialty Business Owner and Partnership continuation and succession protection

The information you find on this website will give you a good understanding of insurances and related products and services available for people with pre-existing medical conditions.

Where to now?

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