Drew Browne

Drew Browne

The problem of Becoming Uninsurable - it happens before you know it

Life Insurances are important financial tools that help us manage the ups and downs of life, love and business.

It's an easy way to safeguard our unpredictable futures, just in case.

But some health conditions can be unexpected, unpredictable and then uninsurable - and that can create a significant equally unexpected problem for many people.

Happy Mardi Gras 2022 Sydney!

To all our Clients, Friends and Supporters - have a fabulous time at the Sydney 2022 Mardi Gras celebrating you!

  • Unusual Risks Insured is committed to serving the LGBTQI+ Community and its Allies, we stand by our friends and Community and we're here for you, all year round (not just for Mardi Gras ;) )

Can we set up your essential Estate Planning documents for you?

Yes, we can.

We share our own full estate planning service called 'Finally Sorted', with our sister brand Sapience Financial so we can help you get your Estate Planning documents, well, finally sorted.

Think of Modern Estate Planning as your Ultimate Pan B.

When do you need to get your own Estate Planning documents sorted?

Simple. When you turn 18 and want to be in control of your own life.

  • Modern Estate Planning protects you now while you are alive with Powers of Attorney (think traveling overseas and uncontactable), and Powers of Enduring Guardianship (think unconscious in hospital after a car accident) in case you're sick or injured or unable to make key decisions for yourself.
  • Modern Estate Planning protects your personal estate later and ensures your estate goes to those you care about and who care about you. Not the Tax Man.

The danger of a One-Size-Fits-All approach

Everyone is different.  Everyone's circumstances, background, and needs are their own. And nobody's expectations about how they want to protect and provide are ever the same.

That's why you need a professional who understands the danger that unconsidered differences, overlapping priorities, and competing interests can bring to life, love and work.

  • Perhaps you're just starting out on your own and have your first job?
  • Maybe you've partnered up and still working out the details?
  • Perhaps you're the financial and emotional support for an aging parent and need to safeguard them?
  • Maybe you're loaning money to a family member and need a Family Loan agreement (and deduct that from your Will later)
  • Perhaps you just have a fabulous family of choice you want to protect and provide for?
  • And just maybe, your biological family abandoned you and chose not to support their LGBTQI+ children, so now you can't see the value (or justice) in letting them simply enjoy being your default beneficiary to your estate (or Life Insurance or Superannuation policy) should you unexpectedly pass away.

With so much variety within a fabulous community, there's really no such thing as average.

Modern Estate Planning is your Ultimate Plan B.

Some unique values we bring to Modern Estate Planning


Whether you just need a,

  • Simple Power of Attorney, a Power of Enduring Guardianship or a Simple Will for a person just starting out in life and keeping their options open

- we can help you out.

If you're needing something significantly more powerful with a future-looking Will with built-in features like;

  • Super Testamentary Trusts - that seeks to reduce a non-dependants tax rate to zero
  • Divorce Protection Trusts - that helps protect the assets from the Family Court
  • Maintenance Trusts  -to protect beneficiaries under 18 years of age or unstable or living with addiction
  • Bankruptcy Trusts - that protects assets from a future beneficiary who may be in bankruptcy at the time of your death.

- we can help you out.

Legal Confidentiality

  • We work with an actual national law firm, (not a marketing agency with little more expertise than a slick website) so you are protected by their Legal Professional Privilege and their Professional Indemnity insurance on your estate planning conversations and documents with us.


  • We understand that sometimes in smaller communities (or remote towns), there are times when we all need the anonymity of a big city professional and the discretion of a financial advice team familiar and comfortable with the unique challenges and needs of being part of an underserved community.

We've in your corner.


  • If you are the Director of a company or a Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF) we can help with your Corporate Powers of Attorney (yes they are different to People Powers of Attorney), Confidentiality Agreements, Buy & Sell Agreements, Partnerships Agreements and so much more. For the important stuff of life, love and business you need to make it legal and in writing,
  • If you are part of a Stepfamily, perhaps you're Co-parenting or in a Polyamorous relationship with others

- we can help you out.

Why we provide this service

For most of our Life Insurance clients, getting their Modern Estate Planning sorted is the natural next step to having all their important documents of life, love and business all in one place.

  • Putting your Life Insurance and Estate Planning documents together makes good sense and means updating them when major life changes occur, easier.
  • Your family's estate planning is too important to leave for a DIY approach on a lazy weekend, or when you have time ... sometime... next year, maybe.

Make a start today

Getting your Modern Estate Planning sorted is vital to ensure your wishes are carried out during your lifetime, and your assets pass along to your loved ones should you unexpectedly pass away — issues that can potentially be more complex for the LGBTQI+ Community.

How to start your thinking about your Ultimate Plan B?

Four simple steps to getting started.

  1. Start by watching our fun explainer video The Ultimate Plan B here
  2. Then download and read our Free eGuide called 7 Myths of Estate Planning here
  3. Learn more about some key Modern Estate Planning concepts in our Case Study here.
  4. Then contact us for a discrete chat about your options.

Where to now?

  Watch our fun explainer video&nbspThe Ultimate Plan B

  Download and Read our free eGuide 7 Myths About Modern Estate Planning

  Questions? Browse through our Frequently Asked Questions for Modern Estate Planning

  Ready to know if we can work with you? Get in touch with us for a chat


Does all existing Income Protection Insurance cover IVF complications?

Income Protection Insurance policies vary in quality, what they cover, and how they each define a sickness as it relates to a pregnancy. An Uncomplicated Pregnancy is a difficult term to define and every insurance provider will have a different approach as it relates to IVF procedures and possible complications. This is why you need to work with a specialist risk adviser at Unusual Risks Insured who understands the complexity that can be Income Protection Insurance and Pregnancy.

Why Single parents need Life Insurance too

If you're parenting solo, it’s twice as important to plan

We all know too well raising a child in a two-parent household is tough - but raising a child solo is a whole different ball game!

And it's a responsibility more and more Australian parents are taking on.

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Whatever your situation, we can help you

  • Single

    Age is no indicator of relationship status or financial responsibility.

    • You can be young and starting out or older and established; and both enjoying living the single life.
    • You might be single, single again, sometimes single, single with kids, single with pets or perhaps something a little more complicated.

    When it comes to being single in the LGBTQI+ community, there's really no such thing as average.

    And it's your single life, so live it your way.

  • Partnered

    Sharing life and love with someone can be twice as exciting.

    • You might be partnered, partnered with pets, officially de facto, officially married (yay!), splitting expenses but sharing life, or joining incomes and combining financial lives too.
    • You might be together but living apart, working towards a future with kids, thinking about fostering, adopting, IVF or surrogacy; or perhaps something a little more complicated.

    When it comes to being partnered in the LGBTQI+ community, there's really no such thing as average.

    There's no right or wrong way to live a purposeful life, just what works for you both.

  • Parenting

    For today's LGBTQI+ families, there are no accidental families.

    • You might be parenting and single with kids, parenting solo with kids, parenting and partnered with kids, (yours, theirs and ours), dual parents with kids, co-parents, foster parents, adoptive parents, or even adoptive parents of kids with additional needs (just beautiful!).
    • You might be a lesbian co-parenting couple or super involved 'Guncles' or Aunties. You might not even identify with the broader LGBTQI+ community but find yourself a parent in a same-sex relationship, or perhaps something a little more complicated.

    When it comes to parenting in the LGBTQI+ community, there's really no such thing as average.

    However you're doing it, Love makes a family.