2016 International Candlelight Memorial Day

2016 International Candlelight Memorial Day - Australia - We remember our friends and their families 2016 International Candlelight Memorial Day - Australia - We remember our friends and their families

2016 International Candlelight Memorial Day Australia – we remember our friends

In the 1980s and early 1990s, many young Australian's died due to AIDS-related illness. Memorial services for their families and friends were common.

Since the arrival of life-saving treatments, people living with HIV can now experience a long life. As a result, memorial services have slowly been reduced as life expectancies have increased.

It’s important to remember those who have passed and reaffirm our support for those that remain. For many of our friends, clients and supporters, this is the only time when they feel they can mourn and remember those they've lost in situations uncommonly terrible.

International AIDS Candlelight Memorial Day may be a sad day, but it is also a day of hope, courage, inspiration and appreciation for those who have made a difference.

  • Each year, it always invites you to put yourself in the same situation and asks the question - what would you do?

Like to listen to an interview from someone who was there?

If you missed the 1980’s you might like to listen to our 4 part radio series Battling HIV Stigma in Australia and the inspiring work of Mrs Patricia Kennedy OAM who recounts firsthand her experience of what it was like when AIDS and HIV first came to Australia.

You can listen to this 4 part radio story on Soundcloud here.
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